R & S-litter 2000

Litters of Kimberly and Sunny in January 2000

Kimberly of Majestics & Nando-Dakota van Hiemrod

(Photo: Kimberly)

The last litter of my kennel was in February 1999, the Q 's were born on 28.2.99 and are already 10 months old. As my females love to come into heat at the same time, I had to wait quite a long time for the next litter. I am very happy, that the people who were interested in a puppy showed such a patience and waited for this litter. I hope they will get wonderful "Millennium-puppies".

Kimberly of Majestics is one of my big hopes for the breeding program. Aike and Penny were wonderful females and I know that it is very difficult to find a female being able to continue their good "work". I am glad that I have the retired ladies who will pass their experience to the young girls.

Kimberly of Majestics is a daughter of Farah of Majestics (Why not White Alsatian Andusty x Emnestea Gioea vom Werntal) and Nicki of White Mountain Austria (Mansha's Mankota Kaswick x Falco von Finn). She passed the BVWS breeding test last year which is known as very difficult. The dogs must have a perfect temperament to pass.

Kimberly's x-ray is OFA excellent (HD-frei).

Kimberly was also successful on shows. She became 2nd on the main show of the BVWS in 1999 in the open class (8 participants).

The father is the Dutch male Nando Dakota v. Hiemrod (*27.01.97), a son to Amiga van Hiemrod (Astra von Twenthe-Bloed x King Misty of the First Choice) and Montana- Joe von Schloß Felsberg (Blondy vom Tecklenburger Land x Chico Ben von Schloß Felsberg). These lines are well-known but they are different to Kimberlys who has some new blood due to her mothers english lines.

Nando Dakota is a very beautiful male, his temperament impressed me. In shows he had some nice successes, on the Witte Herder Show in Holland he was the first in the Open Class, judged by an FCI-judge. This show is the show with most participants in Europe.

On January 2000 Kimberly had 10 puppies, 6 females and 4 males. Kimberly did a good job, it was her first time to grow a litter. She got a very good help from Penny-Lane.
The photos show "Patzy von der Hohensyburg" with Ron (below); Rune and Ron (photo above)

Starlight White Sunshine x Biaggi vom Alexander Hof

(Photo: Sunny with her daughter Nikita)

Sunny showed her perfection as breeding female in three litters already: (the "K", "N"- and "P"-litter ). All puppies are extremely beautiful although she, herself, is not the most beautiful one, I have to admit. The K-litter brought very self-confident dogs (especially the males). The best "K" dog is Ken von der Hohensyburg who passed the BVWS breeding test without having the slightest problem. I am very proud of him. The "P" dogs are more than pure white, when you put them beside a white shepherd they are even whiter and can be found on the first show places. It was no repetition of the K-litter (the father of the "P"'s is Crazy Charlie von Grandy), so that I have added a bit new blood to my lines.

This mating should be very interesting for breeders or people who are thinking seriously about breeding. Both dogs are carrying rare blood lines. A dog from this mating will stay in my breed in any case.

Sunny is a daughter of Kershau Royalty White Rebel (Greta von Wilkinson X Lloyd's Samuel T-Houston) and Carolins Ivory Cowboy (Gunninghams Lord Zeus x Lloyds Artic Snowfire), only a brother was used in European breeding. l

I saw an ad of Biaggi vom Alexander Hof and became interested as his father is an English male. As my experience with these lines from England were very positive, especially concerning the temperament, I put an eye on him in order to use him sooner or later. I should add that he was only used once in breeding so that also his line is quite special.

Biaggi is a son of Bianca von der Weißen Rose (Zahra Rose von Ronanke und Falco von Finn) und Silver Star of Kingsmeadow (Rajha Majestic x Lotus Island of Kingsmeadow). His size is "normal", he is 63 cm, also Sunny is medium sized with her 58 cm.

There are still puppies available but as some people are waiting for a puppy for a longer time we have to wait for the number of puppies bevor I can say anything definitive.

If you are interested in a puppy or in the kennel in general, please call me or just come for a visit. I am looking forward to meeting you. Even if you do not have an interested in buying a White Shepherd at the moment, I am sure, my dogs will convince you that their breed is facinating with many wonderful characteristics.

Sunny whelped 3 males and 2 females on January 12, 2000. The little ones are bigger than the Kimberly-puppies but this is obvious because of the litter sizes. On the photos you see Sandy Sunshine (also a member of my pack) and Sunny White Lady. The trio are Spock (he has an own homepage: www.spock-vdh.de, also with an english version) Sandy Sunshine and Sunny White Lady.