Sleepless nights guaranteed: 11 puppies in Y-litter, 10 puppies in Z-litter

The "Y"-litter: Expecting perfect family dogs!

07.04.2002: 11 puppies arrived!

The first puppies of my Y-litter were born on 6.4. in the morning. Sandy Sunshine needed a lot of time, the last puppy came about 24 hours later. They are 8 males and 3 females. The weight of 4 puppies is between 400 and 500 g, the others have more than 500 g. It is no wonder anymore that Sandy Sunshine looked like an elephant the last days. The puppies are developing well, after three days they increased their weight up to more than 800 g.

Sandy Sunshine did quite well, she was very quiet under the birth and even had enough time to ask for some slices of my pizza. Because of the number of puppies I have some males left to sell.

A big thank you to Ilona Riemer of Kennel "vom Selberg" who came with her digital camera.

Sandy Sunshine von der Hohensyburg

is the daughter of Sunny (Starlight white sunshine) who is still in my kennel but no longer in use for breed because of her age. Sandy Sunshine will now follow her mum and hopefully become as sucessful as Sunny was. She developed to a nice and quiet female who likes everybody and everything. She has an easygoing temperament, never afraid and curious. So her test result says that she is a big and compact female who has a fascinating friendly, openminded temperament. She carries two very rare bloodlines, one coming from Sunny and the other from her father Biaggi vom Alexanderhof who carries a mostly unknown english bloodline. This enables me to continue my idology to breed with many different lines to increase the genepool.
The brothers and sisters of Sandy, above all the brothers have already reached front places on shows and are all ready for breeding. Temperament test was done by the WSR Deutschland e.V.

Zum S-Wurf

The father also is a dog from my own breed:

Quincy von der Hohensyburg

Quincy is a son of Inka von der hohensyburg and "Why not White Alsatian Max". I have to point out that the lines of Sandy and Quincy are completely different. Sandys mum Inka is a daughter of Aike of the White Mountains and Baskim Vegas vom Heimathenhof. So I put together two lines I know quite well.

The Q-litter was the first litter with Max as father. Max was used only twice for breeding. Only a few dogs are breeding dogs, most are "just" family dogs. Quincy is x-rayed and HD-free (OFA excellent), has a height of 62.5 cm and was temperament tested on 17.09.2000 of WSR Deutschland. He passed the test with 91/100 points. He is a middle-sized, compact male who has a very open temperament".

Zum Q-Wurf

His brother Quijote (photo right side) developed quite well. He was exported to Sweden and is used for breeding in the North. In 2000 he won the Open Class of the Swedish Kennel Club and was Best of Breed in the main show. The puppies of Quijote are wonderful dogs, too. His daughter Filou-Misha got the Best of Breed in April 2001 in Sweden, also at a SKK-show. The SKK is member of the FCI. Quincys sister Queenie lives in Switzerland and will probably have puppies, too.

I have many orders for this litter so that there is no puppy left as long as the litter has a "normal" size. However, it is impossible to know the number of puppies in advance. Last year, Kimberly "delivered 11 puppies. In case of such a number, I would have some more puppies to sell. Anyway, when you are interested in White shepherds you are always welcome to write a mail or even to visit my kennel.

The "Z-litter": Expecting lively, strong dogs with interesting bloodline!

09.04.02: 10 puppies of Padzy and Max were born!

In the night from 8th to 9th April 6 males and 4 females were born. Padzy did very well with her second birth. She is a wonderful mum to her puppies. The birth lasted 7 hours, Padzy was much faster than Sandy Sunshine. But she, too, did love Pizza....

The puppies are quite equal in looks, their weight was between 400 and 500 g, they are already very lively. I will certainly have an exciting time before they leave to their future owners.

There are still 3 males available.

Padzy von der Hohensyburg

is a female of my pure white litter of Sunny (Starlight white sunshine) and Crazy Charlie von Grandy. She will become the mum of the last litter in the alphabet. The dogs of my P-litter were extremely white and could be recognized from far away between other white shepherds. The males Peppino and Perry are experienced show dogs with always good results. Padzy got some 1st places on shows, too. I have already used Peppino for my own breeding program and I am more than satisfied with his sons and daughters. So are the owners. Padzys partner for her first litter was Quincy whom I now have chosen for Sandy Sunshine.
Padzy carries the same bloodline as Sandy sunshine, they are half-sisters. The father, Crazy Charlie von Grandy is a very succesful male who seldom left a show without being the winner. Padzy is a very lively female who wants to have something "to do". She comes and wants to play ball and then she stands by your side until you do so. She has her own minds about many things but this makes her very special to me.
Her partner is

Why not White Alsatian Max

Max is a story of its own. When looking for a unusual bloodline I found Max after 3 years of searching. The internet makes it much easier nowadays. Max lives in a family and is no member of the Hohensyburg pack (3 males are more than enough especially if you have to divide the dogs while a female is in heat). He always needs something to do, he is always on the run. He has a wonderful temperament and is a dog for every situation. Max loves people and he is a very friendly and peaceful dog.

I decided to use Max once again to use this bloodline again. I have his son Quincy from the Q-litter, his brother Quijote is in Sweden (far away). The other dogs are only family dogs and there is a limited hope that they will go into breed. The U-litter of kennel White Mountain Austria sold Max' daughter Urmel to me, she also lives in my kennel. Especially breeders want to have pure white dogs and unfortunately, Max is not pure white. A perfect temperament and a not-used bloodline seem to be unimportant compared with the disadvantage of coat colour. As Max has a slight yellow colour I have chosen Padzy as partner; she comes from extremely white line.

These dogs are wonderful representatives for the breed of White Shepherds. So it would be crazy not to use Max once again. The line was not known over here, so it was wise to look and see at the development and results of Max first and second litter. I now even have results of one more generation.

Probably I will get no "couch-potatoes" from these parents. They will be demanding and they will present their new families a chaotic life. From the character of their parents and their sons and daughters of former litters I expect dogs who are not afraid at all, who will be perfect for sports as well as for special use. If you want a real partner and if you are a bit experienced with the breed of white shepherds and dogs in general, this litter might be perfect for you.

The development of my Y- and Z-litter:

Thank you to the photographers I. Riemer, C. Brohl and G. von Döllen.