Prinzy's babies

The "T-litter":
Ginger-Princess von der Hohensyburg x Biaggi vom Alexander Hof

Biaggi is also a male with an English bloodline which is not used very often. So this litter is quite interesting for breeders. Ginger Princess ("Prinzy") is the daughter of Wayn-Condor von Ronanke, a very famous male in Austria and Europe. He is one of the champion studs in Europe. Prinzys mother is a female raised by my own kennel, Baroness von der Hohensyburg.

On May 18th, 3 days after the calculated date, Prinzy got 5 healthy puppys, 2 males and 3 femals.

I am very satisfied with this litter, the puppies are developing well, have a very good pigmentation and an open temperament. The can also keep her mum (and me) awake for the whole night. Even if one may think that growing up a litter becomes routine after a certain time: it is always new and a little miracle. The love given from all members of the pack to the new puppies is fascinating to see. My females always accept the males to be with the puppies.

It is Prinzys first time as "mum" but she helped my other females quite well. So she is doing well with her puppies.

date of litter: 18. Mai 2000