Hohensyburg in TV

White Shepherds in Breed Presentation of "Tiere suchen ein Zuhause" in the WDR

In the last phone call the film team said that the film will be sent in January 2000. It is "only" a short film of 8 minutes length, but for production, the team needed three full days, one of them in my kennel on August 31, 1999.

It all started with a phone call of the company, producing for the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk). It seems that my kennel has a certain reputation, so that they wanted some shots for the presentation of the breed "White Shepherd". When we had settled the date, I became very, very nervous: My God, the TELEVISION !!!

The BIG day came.... we had planned a complete day and I invited some of my dogs' sons and daughters. There is a wonderful contact to some of the buyers so that some owners came when I asked them to help with cooking coffee, serving meals and so on on this special day. It was a wonderful day and I am sure that everybody involved remembers this day as a day of joy and fun and not as a day of hard work. My meanwhile 11 dogs showed their usual behaviour and impressed the film team, that now has enough material on white shepherds. Each of my dogs has his special characteristics and they seemed to feel that this was want they wanted to film. Wölfi (Northern Wulf von der Hohensyburg ) followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom. Sunny never stopped running for balls sticks and whatever the team members and the children threw. My "cuddling granny" Aike went to everybody who stopped in his motions for a moment. And she did not leave him until he had cuddled her.

For the dogs it was an exciting playing afternoon, as playing was the thing they filmed most. It was followed by an interview - the time was flying this afternoon.

The team was surprised about the temperament of my White Shepherds, and about the peace within such a big pack of 11 dogs (plus the "visiting" dogs). I think many prejudices against the White Shepherds have gone. Unfortunately, there are always very bad impressions and experiences with White Shepherds of unserious breeders. These animals often show health or temperament problems. The clubs try to control the breeding with serious and hard tests - but they cannot be everywhere and they cannot control everything. The breeder is the person with the most responsibility. So each person, who is interested in buying a puppy should come and see the breeding place himself. No way should be too far as you are thinking about a FAMILY MEMBER. Please take also a look at the pedigrees, inbreeding is very common but it contains a big risk especially when the breeder does not have the necessary experience. A good breeder will always answer your questions, as well as the serious clubs.

Thanks to ACE Media who were "responsible" for the filming in my kennel. They sent a video with the complete film of my White Shepherds as well as some photos. Thanks a lot.

... Aber ermüdend war dieser Tag insbesondere für unsere kleinsten "Stars"....

Den Sendetermin werde ich auf dieser Seite bekannt geben, dieses kann allerdings recht kurzfristig sein.