Puppies in the "Hohensyburg"

Since 28.02.1999 my "Q-litter" is here!

On 28.02.99 7 puppies were born, 4 females and 3 males. The parents are Inka von der Hohensyburg and Why not White Alsatian Max. All puppies were quite big when they were born, the weight was between 500 and 650 g. Inka showed a great routine although this was her first litter. Inka does not live in my kennel but nearby in a family where she also rises her litter. From the first moment she accepted the families' male to help her with the babies. On the photo the puppies are exactly one week old.

Within the next weeks the puppies will be socialized and from the beginning of May they will be taken by their new owners. All puppies are sold already and some puppies have to travel very far. The litter was interesting because of the mixture of english and american lines. So one female is sold to Switzerland, another one to Austria and one male will be leaving to Sweden.

Meanwhile the "Q"'s have their names, too. It was not easy to find 7 names with a "Q", but at least, we succeeded. The ladies are Queeny, Quendy, Quinta-Luna and Quina. On the photo the puppies are exactly 4 weeks old and the stars on the photo are the 3 males "Quincy, Quentin and Quijote".

I had to say goodbye to my Q's in the beginning of May. Some dogs are nearby so that I can have a look at their development. This is very important to me. Max carries a bloodline from England we do not know anything about so I am very curious to see their development.

My Q's have grown up to young dogs meanwhile. The female Queenie is in Switzerland and looks wonderful! The other females are living nearby. The male Quincy still belongs to me but because of my other males in the pack I decided to leave him to a family living in the nearness. Quincy will be for breeding which is important to keep the bloodline alive. He already participated successfully at shows. He will be "ready" for breeding in 2000. Quincy has a pure white long coat and a friendly and quiet character.

The male Quijote will move to Sweden in December 1999. The custom rules did not allow him to travel to Sweden earlier, so he lived with my friends, family von Döllen in Worpswede for 6 months. He is educated bilingual, in German and Swedish so that there will no language problems for him. Quijote participated at 3 shows in Germany in 1999 and won all of them. He will certainly be a perfect dog for the swedish breeding. He will be living together with the daughter of my Arco von der Hohensyburg, Bella von Dennhausen, who was exported to Sweden last year.

Quijote, too, shows a very good temperament. He got a very good connection to Gaby but once in Sweden, he also felt comfortable at his new home. Quijote is bigger than Quincy.
Quijote has already two litters in Sweden in 2000, his son "Lumihiutale" went back to Germany, carrying 50% swedish blood.

Perhaps you can see one of these dogs on a show live. A puppy chapter is at his end. But every end leads to a new beginning... Here are some recent photos of Quijote and Quincy when they were about 1 year old.