Upcoming litters:

Sandy Sunshine von der Hohensyburg x Quincy von der Hohensyburg expected: 04.04.02

Padzy von der Hohensyburg x Why not White Alsatian Max expected: 10.04.02

My dogs:

Kimberly of Majestics

* 19.12.97 HD-frei, ca. 59 cm - used in breeding -

(Farah of Majestics x Nicki of White Mountain Austria)

A further member of the Hohensyburg pack is Kimberly of Majestics, a female who is also carrying english blood in her veins. The father, Nicki of White Mountain Austria, also has an unsual bloodline so that this female means an interesting development of my breeding program.

Kimberly was always leading in shows. In Hanau she won the youth class on 03.10.98 and is Jugend-Rhein-Main-Sieger. In 1999 she became second in the same show in Hanau on 02.10.99. (Open Class, 8 participants)

Kimberly passed the breeding test of the BVWS in 1999 which is known as a very difficult one. All other white shepherd clubs have less difficult tests. She is x-rayed and OFA excellent. Especially her temperament was mentioned as quite good in the BVWS test.


Patzy von der Hohensyburg

* 5.07.1998 - HD free -

(Starlight White Sunshine x Crazy Charlie von Grandy)

A female of my own breeding program is Patzy. Her development during the first weeks was that impressing to me that I kept her in my pack. The blood line is intereting and Patzys development is very positive. At the moment I take her to many shows and often she is one of the three winners. Her temperament is friendly to everybody and she is not afraid at all - whatever happens - . She is the playmate of Kimberly, of course, I have to be patient for some more month. We will see whether she is similar perfect for breeding.
Patzy will be xrayed in the near future and absolve the breeding tests.


Sandy-Sunshine von der Hohensyburg

* 12.01.00 HD-free, 61 cm

(Starlight White Sunshine x Biaggi vom Alexanderhof)
Sandy Sunshine grew up in my kennel and is a female of Starlight White Sunshines last litter. With Sandy I can keep up to Sunnys bloodline. Her father Biaggi vom Alexanderhof has a rare English bloodline so there will be no real problem to find males fitting to her lines. Sandy has a easygoing, open temperament, she is very peaceful and friendly to everybody. She already "learnd" her job at the last litter of Ginger-Princess.

Sandy meanwhile passed the temperament test with the WSR Deutschland e.V. and the x-ray results are okay so that I can include her into my breeding program in 2002. Sandy reached 94 of 100 possible points in the temperament test and the best possible result "excellent".

Sandy was Vize-winner in Dortmund in 2002.

My S-litter

Urmel of White Mountain Austria

* 21.05.1999 - 61 cm -

(Mansha's Mankota Kaswick x Why not White Alsatian Max)

A trip to Vienna brought these two white puppies to my kennel on 19.07.99. My Max is the father and was used for this litter as the mother has an extremely rare bloodline so that we now have puppies who can be used for breeding nearly everywhere. Urmel is living in my kennel and will hopefully have her first litter in summer/autumn 2001. The male Ursus has been sold to a family as he could not develop free enough together with my three males in the pack.


Arco von der Hohensyburg

*06.11.1991 / HD-frei / 62 cm

(Rambo of the First Choice x Aike of the White Mountains)

Arco is Aikes son, from her very first litter in 1991. He is a wonderful male successfully used in breeding for many years already. His sons and daughters are pure white with a good black pigmentation and they are known for their kind temperament and their love to children. They are also well-placed on shows. (I.e. International Show Clubmatch Witte Herder Vereniging Nederland 1996, 200 White Shepherds were participating. Askan von Dennhausen, son of Arco became second in the youth class and Ken von der Hohensyburg, son of Arco and Starlight White Sunshine reached a wonderful 3rd place). International Siegerhauptzuchtschau BVWS in Gelsenkirchen 1996 Arcos children were winners in three of the four youth classes)
Spite his impressing and outstanding building Arco is extremely friendly.
Until now all his "babies" are HD free. (OFA = excellent) !

Penny-Lane vom Schloss Felsberg

*09.03.1991 / HD-frei / 60,5 cm - retired -

(King Misty of the First Choice x Anny-Sue vom Schloß Felsberg)

Penny Lane was also a very successful breeding female. She is now retired and takes care of the other females' litters.

Starlight White Sunshine

("Sunny") *24.05.93 / HD fast-normal / 58 cm - used in breeding -

(Carolyn's Ivory Cowboy x Kershau Royalty White Rebel)

Sunny is a direct USA import dog. The blood line is very interesting and nearly unknown in Europe. This is why Sunny is very important for me. Sunny has already 3 litters and expecting her fourth litter in January 2000.

Why not White Alsatian Max

*19.12.96 / HD-frei / 65,5 cm

(Princewood Icequeen x White Alsatian Canjer)

I try to find and to use English bloodlines as they are unknown and not yet used in our breeding program. Only a few breeders found out that there are some lines that are good for breeding, most breeders do not take the risk. However in my opinion we urgently need new blood to increase the gene pool. Two english puppies came to my kennel in 1997, one of them was this wonderful male.

Max does not live in the pack but in a family. He is a beautiful male with a sensible, silent temperament. He is OFA excellent. Max already has some puppies, my Q-litter together with Inka von der Hohensyburg (*28.02.99) as well as a further litter in Austria (*21.05.99), two puppies of this litter are living in my kennel, Ursus and Urmel of White Mountain Austria. Bevor Max is used for breeding once more, I would like to have more information about the development of these litters.