I proudly present: My Kennel "von der Hohensyburg"

Beate Behlen breeds White Shepherds for a long time. When you visit her kennel some fascinating dogs will welcome you at the front door. You are not allowed to enter without touching them and playing with them. .... The visitor will very soon realize that the dogs are real family members, as they are running through each room of the house and you see - they do it always, not only when guests are here. The "garden" is a big area, meaning 8 hours work to may the lawn at summer time. Although the area is big enough for playing, Beate enjoys her daily walks with her dogs through the meadows surrounding her house. Usually Beate takes two or three of her dogs to her shopping tours. You will certainly realize that every "dog" is feeling allright here.

You will see Beates love to the dogs (and vice versa) when you visit her place. So it is no wonder that there are dogs around that are not used for breeding. To breed seriously, Beate became member of the BVWS (Bundesverband für Weisse Schäferhunde, one of the oldest and biggest clubs for White Shepherds in Germany), years ago when this club was still called 1. EDV ACWSR Europe e.V. In 1998 the BVWS changed the breeding rules, saying that each breeding dog has to pass an exam called "Begleithundeprüfung". This decision, made by a majority of BVWS members, and obviously a step forward for the breeding program, meant big problems for the kennel von der Hohensyburg. This exam means lots of training hours at a dog place and less time for the other dogs. Those people who know Beate, saw that the leaving of the BVWS was no easy decision after nearly 10 years of membership. However, the White Shepherds are - in her opinion - more family dogs and so the dogs of her pack feel at home in house and garden and not on the training place.

"Just imagine, I want to train two of my females to be able to breed them, and I have to as Aike and Penny are leaving because of their age, I have to drive to the training place twice a week. I would spend my time by waiting, the dogs would be sitting in the car. Then I can train them for 15 minutes each and then they have to enter the car again. Including the driving time the afternoon would be gone, my other dogs have waited at home for hours. No walks, no playing, neither for the dogs at home nor for the two on the training place. Isnt it better to spend 3 or 4 hours in the meadows with all my dogs?" Admittedly, it depends on your point of view. Those who are training their dogs seriously for competitions, will certainly see it otherwise. But this is Beates way of thinking and she acted consequent by leaving the BVWS.

By the way, who knows the kennel personally, has to admit that each of her dogs knows that she - Beate - is the leader of the pack. They follow by word.

1999 - July 2002: Breeding in the WSR Rheinland - Pfalz e.V.

1999 was a troublesome year in the White Shepherd scene. The ACWSR e.V. Rheinland Pfalz decided to leave the "motherclub" and to work on own responsibility. The "AC" is no longer in the clubs' name as the breeds' name is mentioned as "Weisser Schäferhund" (White Shepherd) more and more and no longer Amerikanisch Canadischer Weisser Schäferhund" (American-Canadian White Shepherd). The WSR came up to the interests of many breeders and started with a remarkable number of breeders. (For details I refer to the clubs' homepage - unfortunately only in German language) The litters of Beate Behlen get pedigrees of the WSR Rheinland - Pfalz, and these are acklowledged by all leading clubs for White SHepherds in Germany. The owners can participate at all shows for White Shepherds. For breeding in some clubs (i.e. BVWS) they have to pass additional tests. This is also necessary for clubs.

July 2002: Member of 1. WS e.V. Einheit

I hesitated a long time until I decided to change my membership and to breed in the 1. WS e.V. Einheit. The A-litter will be the first one that gets papers by this club. It is also a club specialized to White Shepherds. The papers are accepted by other clubs. Unfortunately, some people started sending bad emails concerning my breeding place. This convinced me that I took the right decision. Should you get any bad information on by breed I would be pleased to get a copy because I am not longer willing to accept these actions. My kennel exists more than 10 years and I built up a breeding program over this time. I am proud of my dogs and will not accept that some people are destroying my reputation. Nach längerem Zögern habe ich mich nun doch entschlossen, den WSR Deutschland e.V. zu verlassen und in den 1. WS e.V. Einheit zu wechseln. Der A-Wurf wird der erste Wurf sein, der diese Papiere erhält. Auch bei diesem Verein handelt es sich um einen Spezialverein für Weiße Schäferhunde, dessen Papiere auf Ausstellungen anderer Vereine akzeptiert werden. Leider hat dieser Wechsel dazu geführt, dass von einigen Personen emails mit unwahren Behauptungen und Angriffen gegen meine Zuchtstätte verbreitet werden. Dies hat mich endgültig davon überzeugt, richtig gehandelt zu haben. Sollten Ihnen derartige Beschuldigungen gegen meine Zuchtstätte zu Ohren kommen, wäre ich für eine Information dankbar. Meine Zuchtstätte besteht seit über 10 Jahren und ich habe in kontinuierlicher Arbeit eine eigene Zuchtbasis geschaffen, auf die ich stolz bin und die ich mir nicht durch üble Nachrede zunichte machen lassen werde."

The breeding target are healthy White Shepherds with good temperament who mainly are sold to families. During the first weeks of their life the puppies are carefully trained for their future life as family members. They know nearly all usual noises and things of the environment. Beates dogs have the White Shepherds' characteristics we love most: they are partners in play and sport, they show no aggressivity, they are open-minded, friendly, curious and open for everything new.

When the puppies are at their new place of life, Beate hopes for a long contact to the new owners. Of course, she is always prepared to help you with information concerning shows, training and small problems that may occur. Especially when the puppy is your first dog, you may appreciate her help "around-the-clock".

Litters in 1998

The two litters of 1998 were as follows:

Penny- Lane von Schloss Felsberg x Einstein vom Sutumer Grund ("O"-litter) born 30.06.98


Starlight White Sunshine x Crazy Charlie von Grandy born 05.07.98 ("P"-litter)

The P-litter is especially good, the males Peppino and Perry von der Hohensyburg as well as my own female Patzy were always in front on shows. All dogs of this litter have an extremely white coat color and a wonderful long coat.

Litters in 1999

Inka von der Hohensyburg x Why not White Alsatian Max (Q-litter) born 28.02.99 The Q-litter has partly english blood. Max is a male from english breed. The male Quincy will be taken over into my breeding program, the male Quijote is sold to Sweden to increase the Swedish white Shepherd breed.

Litters in 2000

Kimberly of Majestics x Nando Dakota van Hiemrod born 05.01.2000 (R-litter)

Starlight White Sunshine x Biaggi vom Alexanderhof born 12.01.2000 (S-litter)

Ginger Princess von der Hohensyburg x Biaggi vom Alexanderhof born 18.05.2000 (T-litter)

Litters in 2001

Kimberly of Majestics x Peppino von der Hohensyburg born 02.02.2001 (U-litter)

Ginger Princess von der Hohensyburg x Sir Henry von der Hohensyburg born 09.04.2001 (V-litter)

Patzy von der Hohensyburg x Quincy von der Hohensyburg born 14. April 2001 (W-litter)

Urmel of White Mountain Austria x Henry vom Sutumer-Grund born 24.07.2001 (X-litter)

Litters in 2002

Sandy Sunshine von der Hohensyburg x Quincy von der Hohensyburgexpected 04.04.2002 (Y-litter)

Padzy von der Hohensyburg x Why not white Alsatian Max expected 10.04.2002 (Z-litter)

When you are interested in buying a puppy you should contact me soon. A meeting - at least some written correspondence - is necessary for me to sell you a dog of my kennel. Usually my litters are sold before the puppies are born as I plan my litters when I already have some signed contracts.

Non-German speaking people... please contact....

As I personally do not speak a foreign language you may contact my friend Gaby von Doellen in Worpswede / Germany. She will contact me and do the necessary translations. She is also responsible for my internet pages, you reach her via my email address.