2001 Second and Third ....

The V-litter: Ginger-Princess and Sir Henry von der Hohensyburg

"Prinzy" is the mum of my V-litter. She is a daughter of Baroness von der Hohensyburg and the famous Champion Wayn-Condor von Ronanke. Her first litter was born in May, 2000 (see T-litter). Prinzy was Süddeutschlandsieger in 1995 in the youth class in BVWS and later on Germanywinner in the open class of the 1. SPV ACWSR (31.08.97 - V2)

Sir Henry von der Hohensyburg is also a dog from my own kennel. He is quite young, became Adventssieger in the youth class (SG1 - ACWSR linker Niederrhein) and was Westfalensieger in a show organized by RWS e.V. He also participated at "common" dog shows with good success. Sir Henry is a male from my S-litter. The whole litter is xrayed, 4 of the 5 dogs are HD frei and one is HD-fast normal (which is still okay for breeding). Sir Henry himself is HD-free. Sir Henry also passed the temperament test in WSR Rheinland-Pfalz.

Der V-Wurf

The V-litter was born on April 9th, 2001. 6 males were for sale, some are sold meanwhile but there are still some who are looking for a new owner. The little ones are very fit and get a perfect nursery from my "old" Penny-Lane von Schloss Felsberg and their mum Prinzy. Also the males are involved in the puppy care.

The W-Litter: Easter Bunnys in the Hohensyburg !!!

In the night from Easter Saturday to Sunday nine little White Shepherd Babies were born in my kennel: the W-litter. Patzy von der Hohensyburg and Quincy von der Hohensyburg are their parents.

Padzy von der Hohensyburg

lives in my pack and took my attention as a puppy already. She developed to a precious and beautiful female. The parents are my Sunny (Starlight White Sunshine) and Crazy Charlie von Grandy. Padzy was born on July, 5th, 1998, her hips are excellent and she passed the temperament test of the WSR Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.

Padzy carries a rare bloodline because of her mum Sunny. The P-litter was one of my most successful litters, especially Padzys brother Peppino is a beautiful male. I used him for my U-litter already and I am very satisfied with the result. Padzy has an open and friendly behaviour.

Quincy von der Hohensyburg

Quincy von der Hohensyburg is also a male from my own kennel. For the Q-litter I used my English male Why not White Alsatian Max the first time. (He only has two litters). Quincys mother is Inka von der Hohensyburg, a female who was only used once for breeding. Inka is a daughter of my successful breeding bitch Aike of the White Mountains. Aike was my first female and I already knew a lot of her and her ancestors. So her daughter was perfect for the "unknown" blood of Max. Because of Max' English bloodline, Quincy is an interesting male with high percentage of new blood.

Quincy is xrayed HD-frei, 62.5 cm and absolved the temperament test on Sep. 9, 2000. He passed the ZTP with 91 / 100 points.

His brother Quijote devoloped perfectly, too. Quijote is a champion male in Sweden and the first winner of the SKK-show organized by the Swedish Kennel Klub in 2000. It was the first show after the recognation of the White Shepherds in Sweden. Quijote has already two litters in Sweden, his daughter Filou-Mischa was "best of breed" in April 2001, his son Lumihiutale was re-imported to Germany. Quincys sister Queenie will be used for breeding in Switzerland.


Even Padzy and Quincy are from my own kennel, they have absolutely different ancestors.

The little "W's"

The little ones, born on April 14th, still do not have any names. I am sure, this will change soon. There are 5 males and 4 females in the litter. Some are still for sale. The birth was without any problems although it was Padzys first litter.

The little ones are very good developed, quite big and pure white. This kind of pure white already surprised me in the P-litter. Without any exception these dogs are pure white with solid black pigmentation.