Hohensyburg 2001....

The "U"litter was born!

The last litter was about 1 year ago, my T's were whelped in May 2000 and celebrate their birthday soon. The S-litter just had his birthday and some dogs are really successful. The first "S"'s have been x-rayed and are HD free and HD fast-normal, so they can be used for breeding.

I had three littes in the beginning of 2000. When the T's left my kennel it became quiet. This silence is necessary for me, the work with the puppies, the socializeing take a lot of time even if the dogs help a lot. But the socializing to environmental influences has to be done by the breeder. And the socializing to humans, to children and to other animals, too.

It is a responsible task which I love to do again and again but in the meantime I also enjoy the times between the litters. Times to keep contacts to owners, future owners, breeders and so on. And time for my adult dogs.

The U-litter

On February 2nd, 2001 Kimberly of Majestics and Peppino von der Hohensyburg became mum and dad to my U-litter. Kimberly had a litter last year with Nando-Dakota von Hiemrod, a Dutch male. In the night of February 2nd she managed to whelp 11 little White Shepherds. All have a good weight and are fit. Kimberly is able to feed all the babies alone at the moment. (she did it for three weeks, then I had to help with additional food)

I wanted to do this mating last year already but Peppino was still too young, so that I had to postpone my plans. The dogs of my P-litter (Peppino etc) have a very pure white and a wonderful temperament. Peppino is successful on shows and got only first places as well as his brother Perry.

Both dogs have different bloodlines so that I continue with my work to avoid inbreeding if possible. I am glad to have dogs who are carrying different lines, a situation that do not have many breeders.

The names for the 11 puppies were a quite big problem. Meanwhile the future owners have found their names - and their dogs. The following "Hohensyburg-U-dogs" will appear on shows and so on:
Die Mädchen:

Uljana, Ulana, Umira, Una Akita, Unique Snowflake, Urmel und Urielle von der Hohensyburg

und die "Jungs":

Uranus, Uris, Ursus und Ustyn von der Hohensyburg

. Thanks to everybody who helped to find 11 names beginning with the letter "U". The next litters will be V, X, Y and Z - I will certainly need you help again!

The proud mum

Kimberly of Majestics is a daughter of Farah of Majestics (Why not White Alsatian Andusty x Emnestea Gioea vom Werntal) and Nicki of White Mountain Austria (Mansha's Mankota Kaswick x Falco von Finn), WT 14.12.97, 60 cm, HD-free. She passed the BVWS temperament test in 1999 which is known as quite difficult. The future breeding dogs must have a perfect temperament.

In 1999 Kimberly was second (of 8) on the main breeding show of the BVWS. On other shows she was also quite successful.

The proud Dad

Peppino von der Hohensyburg (WT 05.07.98, 63,5 cm, HD-free) is a son of Starlight White Sunshine ("Sunny") and Crazy Charlie von Grandy. The dogs of this litter are extremely white with a very long coat and a solid black pigmentation. Peppino is one of the most beautiful dogs of this litter and fits perfectly to Kimberly. She has different lines and the very white of Peppino will help to integrate the coat color of Kimberly. Peppino has passed the temperament test in WSR Rheinland-Pfalz and is Hd-free.

He was very successful on shows, his most important success was the win of the Open Class on the EURO 2000 in Aachen. It was a common show of the leading clubs for White Shepherds in Germany. His class had 15 participants, Peppino could beat them all.

Kimberly's 11babies in TV and newspapers!

I have a quite good contact to the local newspapers. As a litter of 11 is rare, I gave them a call. Some days later the local newspaper published a photo of my U's. I got some calls because of this photo but what happened afterwards, seems to be a dream... but it is true.

It started with SAT1 (which is a nationwide TV-station, one of the most popular ones). They asked for a date to make a short film of the puppies. This date was on March 2nd. The puppies were 4 weeks old. The "new" puppy photos have also been taken at this afternoon. It was exciting although I HATE interviews. The dogs were friendly and behaved perfectly.

Two days later, on Monday, a big newspaper called "BILD" came to make photos and article. This date was much more stressy, they were perfectionists. The basked with the puppies had to be brought to another room, upstairs, as the light was better. The basket was not the problem but the transport of 11 puppies upstairs and keeping them away from falling downstairs (while carrying the next two) was exciting. And of course, the mum and some other adults had to follow upstairs and downstairs, too. The photos themselves were also difficult to realize. They wanted a photo with 11 puppies looking out of the basket. With mum Kimberly in the background. They were patient enough to put the puppies into the basket again and again, but the puppies crawled out again with the same energy.

The article was published locally the next day and one day later, they also published a photo nationwide. I cancelled a date with the second TV station (RTL, the leading private station in Germany) because the puppies were sooo tired. RTL came some days later.

Of course, such an interest showed by the medias caused busy telephone lines. I got so many calls and everybody wants to see my dogs. I am proud to show them but exactly now the puppies need a lot of care.

Meanwhile all puppies of this litter are sold. If you have interest to see my dogs or to buy a puppy of the following litters, please feel free to call me.